Irrefutable Law of Success #2—Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

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The operational tempo of our profession has increased exponentially. While this requires us to do more and be responsible for more, it’s actually great news. In the olden days of publishing, we had to go through New York in order to be published (unless we had $10-15,000 to publish books, sell them out of the back of our cars and hope we could duplicate “The Grisham Effect”).

Yet, remember, Grisham only sold enough copies to be noticed by New York.

Now? We have self-published and indie published writers hitting the USA Today and New York Times best-seller lists with no involvement from New York. Does this mean we can’t publish traditionally? No. It only means there are now more roads that lead to Rome (being successfully published).

It also means writers can draw revenue from more works. New York is still at a pace of about a book a…

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Five Easy and Simple Strategies to Advertise on the Internet

Some insist that advertising is everything! Whether you have a product, a service, a hobby webpage or only intend to show photos of your wedding day, you will have to advertise by some means to send the visitors to your website or blog.

However not all web traffic is identical. You will find companies that can assist you attract tons and tons of visitors to your website but it won’t do you any good in the slightest since it’s not targeted visitors.

For example, take all the numerous ‘surf for traffic’ or ‘traffic clicking’ applications, which are available. If you have a web page that is on the topic of your hobby, say model airplanes, in that case just what good is this web traffic actually going to do you? Who’s employing these types of services?

Online businesses and online marketers that are looking for traffic on their own website. Therefore, they probably won’t devote any more valuable time on your webpage than is needed by the small timer these types of services employ after which they are gone again. Even if your internet site is related to these kinds of traffic services ( this really is about the only time you will realize a great deal of advantages from making use of such a tool ) you certainly will need to put in a large amount of time just surfing and clicking around to receive an actual benefit from these services . As soon as online marketers discovered this, they switched gears. They set about endorsing all the various programs to many other internet marketers to get them in their downlines, to make sure they might get some traffic as a benefit. This became their new priority. The trouble is that everybody else did the exact same action, consequently not many people were surfing the web anymore.

Bottom-line is: You want targeted visitors. Therefore listed below are a few tips concerning how you can produce precisely the web traffic you require and bring the guests you want to your site while not having to go after after them.

1. Content material
What exactly is your site about? Do you really have only a page with numerous links without much else?

Should this be the case, consider incorporating some information to your internet site that is worthwhile to any potential website visitors. You could possibly compose articles or try to find content pieces at one of the numerous article directories that you can republish on your website.

2. Mention your own experiences in your story.
You don’t need to post some sort of resume (though that may work too), but rather attempt to to write about what you are doing, the way it pertains to your subject of choice. Let’s consider the model airplanes once more , you might discuss or write an article about the latest airplane type you created , how the last time flying your airplane went , what issues you encounter or maybe even publish a few photos of your plane or of you flying it .

3. Forums and bulletin boards.
You could potentially add a forum or bulletin board to your internet site wherein your visitors can communicate with one another. You can find several free services available on the market that you could utilize to either remotely host a forum to suit your needs, as well as computer software you can install on your website’s server. To locate a few, just use your preferred search engine and you will surely uncover plenty to select from.

When you are using the search engine, you should run a search for any bulletin boards and forums that happen to be currently in existence for your selected subject. You might explore those and communicate with the visitors there and because most let you post a signature or a user profile, you can include a line regarding your personal web page with a link (just read the rules of the forum at the outset so
you don’t break one of them).

4. Launch a blog.
Blogs are extremely popular and search engines like Bing love blogs given that they offer regularly new and fresh articles. Your blog is a terrific spot to discuss what you are up to that day. If you spent time today purchasing new parts for your airplane you might write an article on+ where you bought the parts, how much money they cost you, the reasons why you selected those parts, anything really will go.

The wonderful aspect about this is the fact you can aim links through your blog back to your main site , the next time the search engine stops by to find and index your newest material , it will also stop by your site and you will begin noticing extremely targeted traffic heading towards you .

5. Compose articles.
Article writing isn’t challenging and can be a terrific method to obtain fresh, new web traffic. You can find numerous ezines on any topic you can think of and there are quite a few directories that allow you to share your content.

Essentially , what you do is compose an article and then include a small resource box that links to your site ( exactly like a signature ) then let various other ezine publishers know that you are permitting them to publish your piece of writing in their ezine. Many publishers check out the article directories to obtain new content for their newsletter as well as their internet sites. Because there are
internet sites and ezine newsletters on any possible subject in existence, you can’t lose. Compose an article every few days and post it in the directories (even one weekly or every fortnight or so will begin finding you traffic). Soon you will discover new visitors from search engines like Bing, newsletters and websites.

Even better, these five easy suggestions will deliver targeted traffic, meaning the site visitors are visiting you because they are fascinated with the things you wrote.

So there you go. Regardless of whether you own a simple and basic Home based company or a major Internet Marketing enterprise you will reap the benefits from these five quick and simple methods to advertise and drive traffic to your website at absolutely no cost .

Outsourcing – Change your Thinking About Having Others Help you to Increase your Bottom Line


When I first heard about outsourcing I felt like that was only intended for people who had been in business for a while and could afford it. The reality is that you can’t afford not to outsource in your business, no matter how long you’ve been doing or whether or not you have a full-time job away from your online business. There are only so many hours in your day, you can only do so much in specific areas, and it all makes sense when you look at the numbers.

Life can be busy for all of us. If you have a spouse and children it gets even busier, and if you have a job outside the home you are also commuting back and forth each day. This means that you absolutely must maximize your time and your income, and in order to do this you must have people who can help you. They must be honest, reliable, and affordable and be able to help you increase your productivity each day by working while you are doing something else. This might be sleeping or working at a job, but you will see that it does not really matter when they are working for you.

I started out by outsourcing the work I could not do, including technology and web site design, and now have several people helping me in a variety of ways.

Make a list of everything you will need to do to complete your next project. Most likely there will be things on that list that you do not know how to do or do not like to do. The truth is, you’re only really good at a few things and those are the things you should focus on. Everything else you should outsource. I’m good at writing and creating products and courses and that’s about it. Other people help me with the rest of it. By outsourcing the things you don’t like to do or aren’t good at doing, you’re relieving yourself of the stress and overwhelm so many people fall victim to.

Saying that you cannot afford to pay others to help you is typical when you are a new online entrepreneur. The truth is that those people will help you to make much more money than you could make if you were trying to do it all on your own. There are most likely projects you have on your to-do list and that you have mapped out in your mind but without the help of someone else, those projects won’t get done.

Change your thinking in this area, and you will increase your bottom line very quickly.

Remember that the reason to start an Internet business is to give you the time and money to live the life you choose. Download a free teleseminar on building your online business and a Special Report on 21 tips to make huge profits from a tiny list by visiting Get Started Online to learn how to make huge profits with an online business through relationship marketing.

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