Ways to Protect Your Commissions

Crooks are a concern for offline firms, and criminals are an issue for cyber space merchants. The offline sellers make use of locks and security alarms to discourage criminals. Internet company proprietors need to utilize anti-theft programs to defend their commissions.

  • Use Meta Refresh: A Meta refresh is a basic bit of HTML code that instantly redirects your site visitor to a different webpage (your affiliate Link). It gives you a wonderful method of displaying affiliate links in blogs. It almost certainly will help decrease commission bypassing and commission hijacking. A major benefit of employing Meta refreshes is that in case merchants update their affiliate hyperlinks, it is easy to adjust hyperlinks on several webpages swiftly and conveniently by changing just one computer file.


  • Use a URL redirection service. You can utilize no cost solutions or purchase a distinctive domain for every affiliate-marketing program you participate in. URL redirection tends to make affiliate links significantly less noticeable, therefore this will likely decrease commission thefts.


  • Use a web based ad-tracking service. The ad-tracking link basically hides the affiliate link, decreasing thefts.


  • Use an ad tracking script. Decent ad tracking scripts disguise the affiliate link and are also used for tracking.


  • Use JavaScript redirect. Because this initially hides the affiliate link, it will help reduce commission thefts.

Understand that thievery is an issue for website owners and adopt the needed measures to preserve your commissions.


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