Structure Of An Article Submission

Putting together and submitting articles to publishers so as to market your organization, services and products is a smart decision for a businessperson. The one price to do this sort of marketing project is your time and effort and, if you want the best benefits, the sum of money you pay your proofreader/editor.

Many of us are confused by the submission process and don’t realize the best place to start. I have described below the ten steps I take with each article submission project. Keeping a method set up can make coordinating submissions a great deal less complicated and eliminates the confusion of of how to proceed.

1. Start with having your article proofread and incorporate it to your site. Make sure to include an attention grabbing title and a by-line that compels readers to take action.

2. Use a text to html tool to structure your by-line so your URL will be live whenever your article is published on a website. I suggest you utilize the tool at http ://thephantomwriters .com/link-builder .pl

3. Collect the information you’ll need for most submission websites such as : title , author name , address , phone number , e-mail , website URL , topic , two line overview of the post , word count , line count , article URL , auto responder address ( if available ) , document file names and 10-15 keywords and phrases .

4. Make a listing of the kind of submission sites suitable for your article. I use EzineAnnouncer to gather and track my submission list and I normally record the categories that are a match for my article. My most recent submission was eligible for more than four hundred internet sites but your success depends on the article subject.

5. Begin submitting to websites that take content by e-mail. Under no circumstances send an attachment except if asked. Include the complete article into the e-mail and include a method for the receiver to opt-out of your list.

6. Your next step would be to register for any of new submission websites on your list that require registration. In most cases, you need to wait for a confirmation e-mail before submitting. You may begin the following step as you wait.

7. Submit to all of the internet sites you have signed up for as well as all of the internet sites not requiring registration but offering a submission form.

8. Check your e-mail, confirm your accounts and go to those internet sites to contribute your article. Record your login and password for each website.

9. Update your submission list by removing or correcting bounced e-mail addresses and URL errors. You will additionally need to include your new submission directories to your list.

10. Create a file to have on your computer with the name and URL of the directories you used for submission. Update this list whenever you post your older articles to newly discovered sites.

Create your own submission process by building on the steps I have given and you will discover your submissions taking less time while helping you to be a little more organized .


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